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Use of any of Give It's website or any of its' services implies acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, whether or not you have read them. In the event that you commit a breach of these Terms and Conditions Give It reserves the right at its sole discretion to immediately and without notice suspend or permanently deny use and access to all or part of the website and associated services.

Give It and participating charities.

Give It's websites allow you to register a gift list with us, and allows friends and family to make donations to any of the participating charities. Users can also make a one-off donation to a charity through our Give It Gifts service. Charities participate at Give It's discretion and are established UK charities registered with the Charity Commission. Each charity's registration number is quoted alongside their details in the 'About the Charities' sections of the websites. Participating charities have a contractual agreement with Give It authorising us to collect donations and reclaim tax on their behalf. The information, including any financial data, appearing in the 'About the Charities' sections derives from the charities themselves. Each charity is therefore responsible for the accuracy of this information.
All participating charities are registered with the Charities Commission. Participating charities have confirmed that the values of the gifts within the gift list approximately equate to the actual amount spent by that charity in carrying out each of the activities indicated in each gift description. Each charity also confirms that expenditure on each of these types of activities forms part of their expenditure in their current financial year, however donations made to charities through the website can not be directly tracked by donors to specific spend on specific projects undertaken by that charity. Give It is not responsible for any dissatisfaction you may have regarding the recipient charity's use of any donation you may make through this website.

Partner services

Give It may from time to time select partners offering relevant information and services. Whilst we will do our best to select partners of the highest integrity, we are not responsible for any aspect of the information or services offered by them, and if you choose to use their services you do so at your own risk.


Give It's websites contain links to the websites of participating charities and other organisations. Inclusion of a link to another website does not imply endorsement of its content or opinions. Your relationship and any transactions with other organisations through their websites or otherwise are your own responsibility.

User conduct

You must at all times use Give It's websites and its' associated services in a responsible and legal manner. In particular (but not exclusively) you must not do any of the following:

  • misrepresent your identity
  • send e-mails associated with Give It or any of Give It'sservices to people who do not wish to receive e-mail from you
  • interfere with or disrupt the service or services or networks connected to the service
  • collect or store personal data about other users

When you register for a gift list with one of Give It's services, you choose a password for use in reviewing purchases made against your list. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. If you become aware of any authorised use of your password we recommend that you change it by amending your details in your list.

Website content

Give It obtains information and materials that makes up the content of this website from participating charities and other sources. Although Give It makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that content on this website is accurate and truthful, we can take no responsibility for information or other content derived from third parties. Information or other content included on this website does not imply approval by Give It of any views, opinions or beliefs expressed or implied.

Unauthorised card use

When a donation is made the transaction is final and not disputable unless unauthorised use of your payment card is proved. If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, you must notify your card provider in accordance with their standard reporting rules.

Tax information

Where a donor makes the appropriate declaration of their tax status, Give It reclaims tax on behalf of the charity under the Gift Aid scheme, about which we provide information on the website to inform prospective donors. You should not rely on information given on this website to determine the accounting, tax or financial consequences of making a donation to charity and we recommend that you consult your own advisors about any accounting, tax or financial consequences that may affect you.

Trademarks & copyright

The names Give It, giveit.co.uk, the Give It logo, The Alternative Wedding List, thealternativeweddinglist.co.uk, the The Alternative Wedding List logo, The Alternative Gift List, thealternativegiftlist.co.uk, the The Alternative Gift List logo, The Alternative Christmas List, thealternativechristmaslist.co.uk, the The Alternative Christmas List logo, The Scottish Wedding List, thescottishweddinglist.co.uk, the The Scottish Wedding List logo, The Scottish Gift List, thescottishgiftlist.co.uk, the The Scottish Gift List logo, The Scottish Christmas List, thescottishchristmaslist.co.uk, the The Scottish Christmas List logo, The London Wedding List, thelondonweddinglist.co.uk, the The London Wedding List logo, The London Gift List, thelondongiftlist.co.uk, the The London Gift List logo, The London Christmas List, thelondonchristmaslist.co.uk, the The London Christmas List, The Green Gift List, thegreengiftlist.co.uk, the The Green Gift List logo, Give It Gifts, giveitgifts.co.uk and the Give It Gifts logo may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not Give It's nor in any manner that is likely to cause confusion, or in any way that may disparage or discredit Give It. Other trademarks, service marks or logos that appear on the website, in particular (but not exclusively) those of participating charities are the property of their respective owners, are likely to be registered trademarks and subject to restrictions as to their use, and must not be used without the express permission of both Give It and the trademark owner.
All content on Give It's websites is owned by Give It, participating charities, or other original providers and is protected by the applicable intellectual property and proprietary rights and laws. Use of the websites content is not permitted without the express prior permission of Give It, and where applicable, the copyright holder.

Changes to the service or to these terms & conditions

Give It makes every effort to ensure that this website and other services are available continuously, but reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue all or any part at any time with or without notice. Unless specifically exempted, any new services introduced shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions. Give It reserves the right to modify or replace these Terms & Conditions at any time, such changes shall be effective immediately it appears on the website.

Limitation of liability

In no circumstances will Give It be liable for any loss or damages, whether direct or consequential arising out of
a) your use of any of Give It's websites and services or your inability to do so,
b) your reliance on any content contained within, and/or
c) services in any way associated with the website and services.

Give It Limited

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