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Community Action Network Community Action Network is the UK's leading organisation for the development and promotion of social entrepreneurs.
GrownUpGreen grownupgreen is aimed at encouraging and supporting households to think and act more sustainably in a lively, interactive and interesting way. A brand new, free, ’Social Enterprise’ email service that raises money for charity every time you use it.
The email service for the good guys!
Miranda Newsom Miranda writes on all things eco (including weddings) and her 'Favourite Finds' section and 'Eco Maniac Blog' are well worth a read. is a forum in which responsible businesses set out their social, environmental and ethical (SEE) policies for public scrutiny and comment. Participant companies must answer 50 straightforward questions about their business on topics ranging from human rights to environmental management to corporate governance to customer service.
Shop Social Enterprise Buy superb quality products from businesses making a positive social difference.
The Million Campaign Homepage The Million Campaign Homepage is a links page. It is a mosaic. It is a library. It is a jigsaw puzzle. It is a space-station where social entrepreneurs can dock their spaceships. The sum of the whole is greater than its parts.
We Are What We Do We Are What We Do is a new movement which inspires people to use their everyday actions to change the world.