Individual Gifts

Go to gifts4goodgifts4good, our online 'individual gift' service, allows you to make a one-off selection of a gift to celebrate someone else's big day - it could be their birthday, a wedding, Christmas or any event you care to think of.

Rather than registering for a gift list for yourself, at gifts4good you can select a gift that will go to the charity of your choice - we'll send the person celebrating an email telling them about your donation with details of the gift and your message.

It's all online, from selection of the gift by you through to us providing details to the person celebrating.

gifts4good provides;

  • A great selection of charities to choose from all in the same place.
  • The knowledge that 100% of your donation goes to the charity.

We keep things as efficient as possible which means we won't spend money posting gift cards, letters and photos (other services can provide this) - as well as being friendlier to the charities this is also friendlier to the environment.

gifts4good works like this;

  • Pick a gift (or gifts) from the selection provided - each one represents a donation to a particular charity.
  • Give us a few details; name, address, email and (if you are a UK taxpayer) confirm we can reclaim Gift Aid on your donation(s).
  • Give us details of who is celebrating; write a message for them and give us their email address so that we can send them details.
  • Pay for your gift by Switch, Delta, Visa or Mastercard.
  • We send 100% of your donation to the charity and email details of your donation(s) and your message to the person celebrating.

To make a difference today just go to gifts4good